Principles to Guide Open Educative Systems

Open Educative Systems is concept of how we might organize teaching and learning in the 21st century, an alternative to the school-based infrastructure that has been spreading around the world for hundreds of years. It comprises several approaches:

  1. Distinguish between teaching and learning and don’t confuse the two
  2. Recognize that both teaching and learning take place everywhere, both intentionally and unintentionally
  3. Create optimized institutions that effectively accomplish their purpose rather than trying to make a single organization (a school, for example) be all things to all people
  4. Encourage learners to take responsibility for what, where, when and how completely they learn
  5. Provide learning resources to everyone, everywhere, at minimal or no cost
  6. Adapt to and adopt appropriate technologies for both teaching and learning
  7. Understand that most human skills, emotional attitudes and cultural knowledge are learned, often by observation, not intentional teaching
  8. Support voluntary, spontaneous learning and only use coercive methods to teach topics that are necessary for the learner to thrive




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